Tron Rules

Tron is a contest between you and the machine.

When you click on the start button, you'll see two lines moving in the screen.

The left (blue) is controlled by the computer.

You play with the right (pink) line.

Use the keyboard arrow keys to turn left, right, up or down.

The first player who "crashes" -by touching another line with his own- loses.

The screen is wraparound; that is, if you go up through the upper edge you reappear at the bottom, and similarly with left and right.

Having problems with the keyboard?

If your terminal does not have arrow keys, or they don't work, or you are left-handed, you can use (lowercase) a-s-x-w instead or the numbers 8-4-2-6 in a numeric keypad. You can do two-handed control by using a-s (left/right) and k-l (up/down).

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