What is Tron?

An experiment in Online Machine Learning

With every mistake we must surely be learning

G. Harrison

Genetic Programming

Genetic programming is a computer learning method that imitates nature's selection process to lead a population of computer programs towards improving levels of performance.


Tron is a dynamic game, difficult for computers to learn. Playing against itself a computer might believe that is doing a good job when it is not, because it lacks a parameter (ie, a really good player) to compare.

This experiment

In this experiment, we have put a genetic learning algorithm online. A "background" GA generates players by having the computer play itself. A "foreground" GA leads the evolutionary process, evaluating players by their performance against real people.

Your participation

Every time you play a game you incorporate a new tiny bit of information into our genetic algorithm. Hopefully, in the following few months, the computer may come up with smarter opponents than it had in the beginning.

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