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In the DEMO Lab at Brandeis University's Computer Science Department, we have directed a number of our research projects towards educational technologies.

We are implementing computational methods for matching learners together and performing experiments motivating peers to create appropriate challenges to each other.

Our research explores learning science at the juncture of evolution, game theory and the technology for on-line communities. We are developing and testing a proof of concept of our research questions. Our focus is basic science, evaluating approaches for the automatic management of peer matching and motivation in learning communities.

Our system is implemented as a framework where central issues in educational multiplayer learning groups can be tested empirically. We are continuing to develop our web delivery system. Usability and workflow will be addressed, from the varying perspectives of students, educators, and evaluators.

Please try a demonstration of our initial version of Spellbee. Spellbee is a Spelling Bee educational activity that hasimplemented. Two children engage each other across the internet on two independent browsers. At the heart of the challenge, each child must correctly type the missing word in a sentence. What is unique about our experiment is that we provide a mechanism for each child, in turn, to determine what is to be the missing word for their internet partner, based on the level of difficulty of the word. Each sentence is presented in text with one word missing, while the entire sentence is read as audio. If a word is misspelled, this affects the outcome for both children.

This is a framework for testing our paradigm for peer engagement. A number of parameters can be adjusted by the experimenter.

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March 2002. We are currently re-writing Spellbee to modify features that have been identified by our earlier testing. The new version has been posted on our development server

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This is not available at all times, as we may be working on it:
Spellbee_in progress

Who worked on this? Ari Bader-Natal

and Kristian Kime

See Video of our First Tests in Spring of 2001: Spring Video Clips

Spring Video Clips: Edited Clip