DEMO Site Update Procedures

1. For projects:

* Login to helen. chdir to /usr/local/dendrite/web/apache_1.1.1/htdocs/pr or /home/httpd/html/pr
OLD: * Login to dendrite. chdir to /usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/pr
* Make a directory for your project's pages
* In that directory, write a file called "short.html" and in it put the html code for a short paragraph describing your project.

These are the paragraphs that appear later on in

Usually the name of your project will be in <h2> and will link to more info about your project. See the other projects for examples.

Your project should fit in one or more of the main categories (coevolution and theory, robotics, neural networks and dynamical systems). Edit the corresponding file ("coevolution", "robotics", "neural") and add the name of the directory you created.

* Go back to the pr directory and run "makeindex", which will incorporate your project into coevolution.html, robotics.html or neural.html

2. For papers

* Go to dendrite
* cd /var/spool/ftp/papers
* create an info text file for your paper, "" in this format...
.au Lastname, I.
.au Other, J.
.yr 199x
.ti The Title Of The Paper
.pd <i>Journal</i>, etc. year, pp. and so on
.kw keywords such as genetic algorithms, game playing, etc. are optional
.ab Abstract can take several lines and use html tags such as <i>italics</i>

* If the info file is then the postscript file should be called
* Use gzip -c > to create postscript compressed format also.
* Use distill to create mypaper.pdf, the pdf format.
* An html version of your paper is also supported: mypaper.html.
* Edit the file "homes" to add your homepage if you want.
* Execute '/web/ftp/papers/indexgen' to regenerate all indexes
* Review the papers pages (author,title,year,abstracts indexes) to see that all turned out well.


->Link to your entry in the author index, for example:
<a href=""> click here</a> to see a list of my papers.

->Link to individual papers in the abstracts page:
<a href=""> click here</a> to see a paper i wrote which is interesting.