Contents of the DEMO Lab Library

A1 Artificial Life (journal). Issues: A1.1-A1.2.
A2 Auyang, S. Foundations of complex-system theories.
B1 Beyer, H. The theory of evolution strategies.
C1 Cognitive Science (journal). Issues: C1.1-C1.2.
D1 Dawkins, R. The selfish gene.
D2 Dennett, D. Darwin's dangerous idea.
G1 Goossens, M. The Latex Companion
H1 Holland, J. Adaptation in natural and artificial systems.
I1 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) (conference proceedings). Issues: I1.1 (2000).
J1 Jordan, M. Graphical modelsr
K1 Kauffman, S. The origins of order.
K2 Kitano, H. Foundations of Systems Biology
L2 Levins. R. The dialectical biologist
L1 Lewontin, R. The triple helix.
M2 Maynard Smith, J. & E. Szathmary. The major transitions in evolution.
M1 Mitchell, M. An introduction to genetic algorithms.
O2 Obermayer, K. Self-organizing map formation
O1 Oyama, S. The ontogeny of information.
V2 Vogel, S. Life's devices.
V1 Vonk, E. et al. Automatic generation of neural network architecture using evolutionary computation.
W1 Wright, R. Nonzero.